Advaita Vedanta

Vedanta is the only pramana- Means of knowledge- to know about oneself. It is a matter of knowing, not to experience. It is accepted as the only means of knowledge about oneself because self is not available for any other means of knowledge – anadhigatam jnanam. And what it says cannot be negated- abadhitam jnanam- because it talks about YOU. It is self evident. You cannot negate your existence. So VEDANTA is an independent means of knowledge. I can only understand. Then where is the possibility of objections. Whether one accept it or not, it will be there as the means of knowledge. So exposure to the teaching alone can take you there.

Why GURU is so important in VEDANTA study…..???

If known words cannot reveal, then how unknown words can reveal..!!?? Guru becomes highly meaningful here because Somebody has to handle the words. That somebody is the Guru. He is not sign post . That’s why Vedanta says “ go to a Guru to study the sastra..”. There is handled words. Negating what it is not. Then Allowing the real meaning there as the revealed fact. That meaning is You. You are the meaning of SAT. You are the meaning of CIT. You are the meaning of ANANDA.

Handled words alone is VEDANTA. That’s why a teacher is inevitable. It is very crucial and critical - handling the words, handling the paradox. You have to remove the paradox. Then the knowledge will become very




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